Monday, September 7, 2009

...the start of something new

Tomorrow is a relatively big day. The first 'official' start of school for the kids, and the start of a new class for me. I only have 5 classes left (so, 25 weeks, not counting Christmas break). Not to shabby huh? then i'll have my BS is psychology, my much sought after degree that has always felt so far away is really, just around the proverbial corner :)
Madison begins 3rd grade, and although we've spent the last week getting used to the schedule it's a big change. For some reason second to third grade is so different. She has many more language subjects, a 'hard' (physically, and mentally) math book, and testing on novels she reads. Based on last week, it's gonna take a lot more time to get through her whole curriculum. It's likely going to be a long school day for her, something she isn't quite used to.
Quinn starts kinder. He's so ready, he's been anxious for weeks BEGGING for school. I started him early too, and he's done so many lessons, he's completely roughly 30% of his school work already .... in a few weeks. His teacher feels confident that he'll be in First grade work by Christmas. He's very bright, like his sister. According to his teacher, he is essentially at first grade reading level and math level ... and he gets better at ready every day.

Wish me luck on homeschooling two kids, finishing school for myself, chasing an over active 9 month old, and maintaining sanity ... This'll be a fun ride :)