Thursday, August 27, 2009

Talkin' diapers

Well, I was not lucky enough to cloth diaper the older two kids, but I am SOOOO lucky to have clothed my babies little cute bootie!!
He's almost 9 months old, and not only is his bootie adorable, but it serves as a GREAT pad for when he falls (he's walking!! EEEP!). TG for layers of fluff huh?
Here's a cute pic of him ... b/c .. well, dang he's cute!

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However .. he was without diaper... so here's a diaper pic too!
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That was taken awhile ago.... with my FAV. Dipe .. uno, the one you don't want to put on him ... b/c you can't bear to not look at it every time you go to chose a diaper (please tell me I am not alone in this :) )

Well, the point of this post.... is that I am trying to find a nighttime diaper that I don't have to CRAM stuff into. I have a current combo
Bg o/s (stupid applix ... I really need to try a fuzzi bunz)
econappi tri fold hemp insert
infant or doubler insert also BG.

The THREE of those things often lead to dry nights .... not always.

Any suggestions? I need a less CRAMMED diaper ... and no stinkin' applix :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Birthday ...

Tomorrow is Quinn, my middle child's birthday. He turns 5. It's hard to wrap my brain around that fact. In some ways he's a big boy, he's very kind and responsible, and brighter then your average kindergartner, however, in another aspect, I look at Sawyer, and think .. it was just days ago that Quinn was his age. right?
It's so overwhelming for me when the kids have birthday's. Not the birthday cake, or the special meals, or the presents. But the aging of the child. The reality that they grow .. despite my desperate pleas to get one more minute. one more hour. one more day, is a hard fact to accept.
I often think of how long and how hard my husband and I fought to conceive. Prior to Quinn's birth, we had a miscarriage, our first. it felt like an eternity before we conceived Quinn, though in reality, it was only 4 months. He was such an amazing baby. I don't even remember him crying, he was so calm, and patient. He was smart and sweet, by FAR the biggest cuddler of the three children. He is still is a very loving child, and he is a very sensitive child. I am so blessed to have him. My life would be nothing if it weren't for the kids. Each of them brings me the most intense joy and happiness I could never begin to explain to what extent.
I remember when I had Madison ... I was always anxious for her next exploit ... when was she gonna crawl ... walk ... talk ... etc. Then with Quinn, I tried to treasure it more... knowing that it would move fast and i'd look back and wonder where it went. But, I still seemed to forget little things .. still seemed to look back at each birthday and go WAIT .. where my baby go. I vowed to adhere to the act of 'treasuring every moment' even more with Sawyer, but, as he approaches 9 months old, and is starting to walk, I can't help but feel I failed at treasuring again. I did my best. I guess that will just have to do.
No matter how hard you try, you can never get more hours in a day, more days in a week, and so on. Treasure every moment you have ... Really it's not just some cliche' statement, one day you'll look back and just wonder where the time has gone.

Quinn, you're so amazing. you bring a light to my life that I cannot explain. You are so smart, kind, generous, and patient with your little brother, he is lucky to have you! Your big heart and wonderful hugs make mommy's day, every day!! All my love birthday boy! I hope I can make your 5th year of life just simply amazing!!! :D

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What to Blog .. what to Blog

People ride my case because I don't blog..... why don't I blog? GREAT question.
Reason 1: Doesn't everyone blog? What will my random mumbling do for anyone? Should I actually DO it? (lol)
Reason 2: What to blog ABOUT?! I have so much going on. do I ... talk about kids? life as a mommy who is essentially alone all but 48 hours out of the week (Thanks to my husband for working so dang hard). Do I blog about homeschooling? About cloth diapering? About my life as a senior in college? About my awful childhood that has led me to where I am today? (school wise, and personality wise?)
See .... doesn't a blog need a direction? Don't I need a starting point?

HELP ..... perhaps i'll start at the beginning?


We'll see where this goes I guess. I miss writing ... the only writing I do is college related, and while often interesting, it is most definately not stream of consciousness writing .....