Monday, October 11, 2010

Powerful instruments ...

I feel overwhelmed, frustrated, bitter, overwhelmed, sad, exhausted ... and, have I said overwhelmed?

A brief exclamation of my absence. One woed - Overwhelmed - With all the curve balls life has thrown me recently, I feel like i'm running in circles, and hitting walls all around me. New changes are coming in the kids schooling (as Madi has just started rsp, and isp), Sawyer is pottytraining, Quinn's dealing hard with daddy's return to crazy work weeks. I feel like my mind has too many thoughts to muddle through. so nothing is getting in that department.

I'm deeply saddened by the death of a local boy. A young gay man (18) decided to follow his heart and assumed what was right to him and became 'chloe'. Faced with bullying and harsh judgement, he shot himself, days before his 19th birthday. wtf is wrong with this world??

Let me begin by saying .... Judge not lest ye be judged. Right?

So, as a religious women I have my feelings on the matter... as a psychology graduate student, I have my feelings on the matter, and the conglomeration of the two - It doesn't matter.

What is 'right' to me is honestly irrelevant. If an individual is Gay, Green, Straight, etc etc etc its irrelevant. Are they living their life justly?

Do they go around exploiting children? do they commit murder? do they harm other people in being Gay/Bisexual/Transgender? ...
Nope. so .. why is it a big deal? Who the HELL am I to enforce specifics of my morals on other people? Sure .. we most of us agree, we should not kill, we should not steal etc. Are people who have different sexual preferences violating those moral specifics?

Ever heard the saying love the sinner, hate the sin? I'm a sinner, so is every one!!

Explain to me how bullying, torturing, killing etc etc a gay/bi/tg person is exempt as a sin? My God teaches tolerance, love. He teaches that we shall not judge. HE does that. And i'm sorry ... I can't see my God turning his face on this young 'chloe'.

So, some jackass(es) took it upon themselves to attack verbally, a young man .. to the point where he felt he had nothing to live for .... to the point where he loaded a gun .... to the point where he took his own young life.



A Travesty.

I have a few people close to me in my life that are part of this 'group'. One is actually very close to me. Do I love this person differently? Absolutely not. My only concern for him is the awful judgment of others. People can be so cruel.

So ..... we have these 'instruments' with which to speak out .... or keep quite. Freedom to, is paired with freedom from.

Ani Difranco wrote

"You know you need your instrument, but does your instrument need to be miked?"

You know your opinions are important .... but at what point do you keep your mouth shut and realize your opinion are judgmental .... Possibly hurt someone so much that they kill selves ... We have powerful instruments.

Ponder ...

You don't have to like, but you shouldn't hate.