Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Growing up"

Well, in T-minus 15 days I will be 30. :) Am I grown up? I don't know, am I?
Lots of things have happened this last week.
I found a home for my grandmother. What a weight of my shoulder's. I find myself however, swelling in my own mortality when i'm around her. I find myself very scared of what will happen if I end up like her. I cannot imagine being caught inbetween like she often appears to be. Between what is 'normal' and this 'abnormal' place, where you cannot remember the people who love you, you can only remember certain memories. With my granny, it's often bad memories, of abuse and heartache. Please God spare my children from witnessing this from me. :(

On a much much lighter note, my husband and I are officially homeowners!!! We're very excited. We have something to call our own. In about 6 weeks we'll be moving, AND i'll be graduating. 2010 is surely shaping up to be a pretty amazing year.

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