Sunday, August 23, 2009

What to Blog .. what to Blog

People ride my case because I don't blog..... why don't I blog? GREAT question.
Reason 1: Doesn't everyone blog? What will my random mumbling do for anyone? Should I actually DO it? (lol)
Reason 2: What to blog ABOUT?! I have so much going on. do I ... talk about kids? life as a mommy who is essentially alone all but 48 hours out of the week (Thanks to my husband for working so dang hard). Do I blog about homeschooling? About cloth diapering? About my life as a senior in college? About my awful childhood that has led me to where I am today? (school wise, and personality wise?)
See .... doesn't a blog need a direction? Don't I need a starting point?

HELP ..... perhaps i'll start at the beginning?


We'll see where this goes I guess. I miss writing ... the only writing I do is college related, and while often interesting, it is most definately not stream of consciousness writing .....

1 comment:

Britbabeincanada said...

hehehe if I was to blog I would drive everyone crazy and who cares what you write about its your blog.