Thursday, August 27, 2009

Talkin' diapers

Well, I was not lucky enough to cloth diaper the older two kids, but I am SOOOO lucky to have clothed my babies little cute bootie!!
He's almost 9 months old, and not only is his bootie adorable, but it serves as a GREAT pad for when he falls (he's walking!! EEEP!). TG for layers of fluff huh?
Here's a cute pic of him ... b/c .. well, dang he's cute!

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However .. he was without diaper... so here's a diaper pic too!
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That was taken awhile ago.... with my FAV. Dipe .. uno, the one you don't want to put on him ... b/c you can't bear to not look at it every time you go to chose a diaper (please tell me I am not alone in this :) )

Well, the point of this post.... is that I am trying to find a nighttime diaper that I don't have to CRAM stuff into. I have a current combo
Bg o/s (stupid applix ... I really need to try a fuzzi bunz)
econappi tri fold hemp insert
infant or doubler insert also BG.

The THREE of those things often lead to dry nights .... not always.

Any suggestions? I need a less CRAMMED diaper ... and no stinkin' applix :)

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