Sunday, January 17, 2010

Every week, 75 ....

abortions occur in the county we live in.
Seriously. Seventy Five. Seriously.

Sat outside our church this morning to see the sign with the statistic.
Surrounding this sign were 75 wooden crosses marking the lives lost.

After three grueling years of infertility, miscarriages, and heartache, we got our third child.
THREE YEARS! I endured fertility medication, hormonal hell, and once we WERE preggo, we lost her. Then.... we did it again, after the same drugs, the same hormonal hell, and daily progesterone suppositories, we finally have our son. (God, I love him!)
And 75 women a week walk into a building to have their bodies desecrated (some not knowing the true long lasting affects). I am sad for those babies, and I am sad for those 75 women as well.

I think, that we as a nation, at least those of us that are pro-life, as my family is, that we just want to label these girls as young, immature, stupid, or many other adjectives, that are likely very hurtful, and probably far from the truth.
Giving them this label makes US rest easier at night. By making them out to be monster's or evil-doers of sorts we rest assured.
However, it's the girl next door, the next pew at church, in line in front of us at the market .. or God forbid, a sister, a niece, a cousin a DAUGHTER!
While I do not approve of abortion, I do not approve of chastising those who have done it. God calls us not to judge as they say, those who live in glass houses, shall not throw stones. Right?
As wonderful Pope John Paul II (God rest his soul) Said
"We are NOT the sum of our weaknesses and failures, we ARE the sum of the Fathers love for us, and the real capacity to become the image of his son!"
At the end of the day, our God does not look at us as a marred individual, but rather, as his son or daughter. What a patient and amazing God we have.

So, for those of you who read this, thinking I was going to bash abortion, you're wrong. I am not approving the act of abortion, nor am I approving the act of judging those who make that decision.

Instead, lets think of those 75 babies, and those 75 mothers, and perhaps, 75 fathers too. Pray for all their souls, that they may find peace, and healing beyond this event in their lives.

I know that's what I'm praying for.

Please, this is not a debate...i'll disable comments if it becomes that way :) Just a mysti, rattling off some thoughts.


Britbabeincanada said...
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Britbabeincanada said...

I deleted the other comment as I cant spell haha.

I am happy we live in a world where each woman is able to choose, everyones story is different as you said, nobody should judge or be judged.

Britbabeincanada said...

So sorry you had a hard time conceiving, I am glad you were successful the next time and had S, he is wonderful.

TheWoodkeFamily said...

After watching a program last night where a 15 year old was being told that she must have an abortion by her mother, Miss Gabbi turned to me and said, "I would never do it mom... it would be murdering Bren, thank you for not asking me to." Judging doesn't change the act, just perpetuates the hate... my God is full of love and forgiveness. Will also be praying for the babies and the families who will never be able to forget them.

mommyto3monkeys said...

Thank you for understanding. :)