Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kitchen Cloth

Wowza two blogs in one day! Had to do it ... had to share.

I may not be the perfect housekeeper, but I am a HUGE germaphobe! This is a precursor to this nasty story, be warned.

We use cloth products, no consumable paper in our kitchen (aside from cereal boxes and the like). No paper towels, no sponges (except the trusty magic eraser), no napkins, no paper plates. I use 'kitchen cloth'. Most all I have made myself. My napkins and paper towels are flannel, or flannel and a print for the prettiness factor LOL. I make crocheted dishrags out of cotton yarn for scrubbing, no sponge could dream to scour as well as all cotton dish rags.

Anyways, the story. Most people who use kitchen cloth, have kitchen wetbags, that is, a bag that is made of PUL (polyurethane laminate), a plasticy type fabric that prevents moisture leaking (all you cloth diapering mommies know what I mean, as we use these to store dirty diapers in our pails, or on the go!). Often times these kitchen wet bags are paired with a decorative fabric to look cute. They often hang from your stove, and come complete with a zipper to store these 'used' wet dishcloths, paper towels and napkins until you can wash them. I do not own a kitchen wet bag (yet). I put all my towels and things in the hallway with the laundry, and wash about .. every other day as a family of 5 and a cloth diaper mom, laundry is the never-ending chore. So, the other day my beautiful baby boy decided, yet again, to dig through my laundry basket at the end of the hall and dig out my used dish rag, he was dragging it around the house, washing the walls. I was so disgusted, it was slimy, gross, o.m.g. I almost had to run to the bathroom to vomit. It was then, that I decided NO MORE. I MUST get a kitchen wetbag.

So .. my DEAR amazing friend Kelli from 'TK Cuddlers' (find them Had a 'coming back to work' special. (she just had another AMAZING little girl, and is returning to her sewing machine!) So, I bugged her again for another custom. She's such a good sport. I have not one but TWO hanging kitchen wetbags coming - made out of a beautiful strawberry fabric (to match my kitchen, of course). I'll post a picture when they get here.

The days of Sawyer raiding my laundry pile for the NASTIEST piece of laundry he can find is OVER! Kelli, thanks again friend.

(ps, kelli makes amazing diapers, go check her site out!)


Britbabeincanada said...

hahaha gross, you must have your washer on everyday dont you? just throw them in there, thats what I do eachtime I do a wash I put them in or in the sink in some bleach till I do a wash,.though I do prefer to put them on a hot wash with the towels.
So whats this wet bag sounds intriguing, and doesnt it get smelly and mildewy from the damp cloths.

TheWoodkeFamily said...

Each night after the kids are in bed, I run the dishwasher and fill the sink with hot water and bleach, then I just toss my dishrags in the sink. I only use natural or white cotton to make the rags so that the color doesn't fade out. Oh don't get me wrong... in the morning, the water is cold and the kitchen smells of bleach but you just wipe down the sink and it killed 2 birds with one stone. Glad that you you got wetbags... so little man doesn't grab your grossness anymore. Love you.

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