Sunday, January 10, 2010

New year brings new changes

I suck at blogging. Really. I do. I think of stuff to post but to find the time to write it between Madi and Quinn trying to find new ways to torture eachother, and the baby literally running circles around me yelling my name, time is scarce. Additionally, I have about 9 weeks left of school (beware the blogging world when I'm on break!), and I am off for a few months prior to starting grad school. However, these last 9 weeks are killer. The last two classes summing up a bachelor's degree SHOULD be hard. Right?
Well, the new changes ... Madi and Quinn are no longer with the charter home school. I was/am sick of it! I was supposed to be homeschooling, but their constant changes and the annoying percentage goals really robbed all of us of our good intentions. We were public schooling at our kitchen table. After over a year and a half of consideration, I mustered up the courage and we left. Affidavit filed, and we're on our way. Waiting for home school books to come in the mail is awesome!! Just as amazing as waiting for fluffy mail. Yes. I said that.
So, we have those two big changes here, and the baby just had his first birthday. I call him a baby, but really, the kids a toddler. He's making tons of changes, talking a LOT, picking up lots of amazing sign's on a daily basis, and combining a few of his 'words'. My favorite thing with him right now is his over generalization. Any animal with four legs is a Dog. (and even some with no legs LOL). You can tell him 'cat', and he'll say cat, or bird or fish, but initially, most animals are Dogs. I really wanna get him to the Fresno Zoo. But just cannot afford a trip home with my Old Lady birthday right around the corner. (shut.up.).
Well, I guess I have summed up the changes. Oh well, I did forget to say we are moving home in April. or.. roundabouts. The kids, Jeremy, and myself are all very excited. We are still living moment to moment, which for those of you who know me, is a humbling lesson for me. God has been very good to us, and I feel blessed that he's taking the time to *try* to teach me this lesson about patience, and letting go of the reins. I'll keep ya'll posted on the outcome of that one. :)


TheWoodkeFamily said...

There you are... lol... Good luck with the end of your current round of schooling... and keeping the kids in check. That little one of yours is growing entirely too fast!! Love you!

Britbabeincanada said...

I dont know how you do it all,I get tired reading your posts of what you have done hehehe I hope this next round of homeschooling works out for you guys as I know how much you put into it and the kids enjoy it.
That baby is growing up way to fast he thinks he is like 18 haha slowdown S you are showing up all the other babies hehe.
I hope your move home works out for yous and things sort themselves out once you move.
As for your school you are amazing, keep going.