Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Holy Sheep Batman!!

What a WEEK! I have intended to post my pics of my wetbags and things much sooner, but simply have not had the time. Here's why (if ya wanna, it's ok if you skip it :p)
1. I got a clogged milk duct, nearly made it's way to mastitis I think! I had a low grade fever for two nights, and it just knocked me on my butt! I was so tired I could not teach school one day. I was literally exhausted stirring the batter for biscuits, I had to take a break and rest my head on the counter. (no lie)

2. Once I felt better, Sawyer busted in with a fever. He's cutting molar's, so I assumed it was related to that. Well, Friday night his fever was so high that tylenol AND motrin were the only way I could get it down. He has also been on this 'party all night' kick where he'd been staying up till 10 or 11. (infringing on the only time I have to do school work). So, between him being ill, and staying up VERY late, I have had no down time. He was ill all weekend. Thankfully, Sunday night the fever was gone for good, and he's on the mend.

3. I had a paper to write that, as mentioned above was not being written during its allocated time, so I had been using mommy down time errrr nap time, to write it.

4. So, after a whole week of feeling awful, or dealing with a child who felt awful, the end is here! However. I got a call from my grandma's nursing home (for those of you who don't know, I am her only family, I facilitate everything for her). They determined she needed to be in less care. So, a downgrade from skilled nursing, to board in care. I'll spare you all the rants of how ill it makes me that our country cannot care for its elders adequately. So, I spend all of Friday on the phone (quite literally) working this out, or rather trying to. Some progress has been made though, thank God.

5. We are moving home here in a few months, and have decided to start looking to buy a house, as opposed to continue renting. Shockingly, we found one we liked. Last weekend my fabulous in laws went to look at it for us, and we are going to look at it this weekend. As well as go deal with social security and a bazillion other things with granny while we're in town.

Phew, that was a mouthful huh? Ok .. so the kitchen wetbags are AMAZING. Like I expected anything else from kelli. I simply love her. Also, she is going to make some custom trainers for little man because he's so anxious to use the potty :)

Here are some pics!!!
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Here is one of them (they're the same)

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Another pic :)

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All put away :)

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And... just for fun. This is what Sawyer thinks the pocket is for :)

1 comment:

Britbabeincanada said...

Cool love the wetbags.

Blocked duct ouch ouch ouch, I would always rub mine whilst nuring and it would unclog, but I have a pain under my armpit that goes into my right breast and feels like a blocked duct but cant feel a lump or anything it hurts and I am scared so yearly drs appt next week so hopefully will get it checked out then.
Feel better soon and rest up till you feel better.

The sleep thing with these babies I tell you Max is the same doesnt want to sleep he only naps for 1hr if through the day and is on the go and just hard work, nothing like the girls I tell you he is like an energizer bunny, he wakes up often through the night and wants to party so I feel your pain only too well, heres hoping they all settle down soon.

Sorry about your nanna nursing homes are awful for getting the care the seniors deserve and they are in such short demand its hard to get in and kicked out if they think you shouldnt be there, she is lucky she has you though, lots of seniors dont have anyone.

Great news for the house that would be great if you find a house you love and get it.
Fingers crossed and thinking of you.